A strong sheet metal professional

Finlead Oy is a Finnish metal industry subcontractor. Our strong experience as a practical operator has laid the foundation for long-term customer relationships. Finlead Oy makes high quality sheet metal work. An active, innovative approach to metal working and materials is our trademark.

Continuous development of production, thorough utilization of design and modern machinery

We are known for our strong experience and high quality, which we maintain throughout our process chain – always paying attention to the end customer. If necessary, we assist in design, manufacture, test and assemble – that is, comprehensive deliveries.

Our location in the middle of Finland guarantees efficient logistics in all directions. Our premises are located in Haapamäki, Central Finland, in the industrial area of Aitolampi.


Reliable partner for innovative washing and disinfection solutions

We have long experience in the manufacture of disinfectant washing machines and clean air devices for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The machines we produce are internationally known for their reliability and efficiency. Some of the washing machines manufactured in the 1980s are still active. We use only the best available technology, such as the components of Mitsubishi and Siemens. We customize products individually to your needs.