FINNVK fume hood

Safety Cabinet, Class 1

The FINNVK fume hood is used to protect workers from gases and substances that are hazardous to health. The pull-out cabinet is designed to meet the extreme demands of the industry, with ease of use and maintenance as well as comfort.


Replacement air flows in from the work opening, preventing harmful substances from entering the room, Gases and vapors are removed from the top and bottom. The pull-out cabinet effectively protects the employee with a small exhaust air volume (250 m3 / h / cabinet width meter).

  • tilted front wall (ergonomic working position)
  • lightly sliding laminated glass
  • easy to clean (smooth surfaces)
  • non-glare lamp

Plate-shaped cabinets are made of paint-coated steel.
If necessary, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel or plastic (pp) can be used as material.